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About Custom Button Co.

Custom Button Co. was kind of an accident that started in 1999 during a deployment in the Army. Upon returning from deployment one of the founders Ian McRoberts decided to find a company to make buttons for a project the team wanted to do.  Unfortunately they couldn’t find buttons locally and would have to order them from overseas. Being the red blooded Americans they are that would never fly.  

That started the wheels in motion, and the journey of making buttons. Being a handy bunch of guys they decided it was a simple task to make them. Turns out it wasn’t so simple. It took lots of trial and error not to mention the $ spent, but after several months they finally had something. It was such a big hit, that the founders decided to make it a business and make custom ones locally. 

 In 2001  Custom Button Co. aka Custom Button Company was founded. From that point forward technology was changing fast and so did our manufacturing processes. We went from making a maximum of 100 buttons a day, to now making 75,000 buttons a day. Our staff is compromised of mostly Veterans around 85%, and still 100% SDVOSBC. Best of all we make everything in house with American parts.

Leading the way in custom pin back buttons. 

  • Easily Order your Buttons online
  • Fast Turnaround times - Yep 5 Business Days or Less
  • Best Customer Service in the Industry - Call us and See
  • No Fees for digital proof - Others charge $5-$15 for these
  • Rush options available - And it doesn't cost your arm or leg
  • Green Certified Company
  • 1% of Profits Go to the Planet
  • 100% MADE IN THE USA