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Street art is all the rage right now.

What are the most popular artists doing? They’re working hard, working consistently and waking up at the crack of noon to get the most out of their day. Besides that? Well…

There are more opportunities to market your work online than ever before. Not only can you create a profile on DeviantArt and various social networks, there are also ways of mixing mediums, like posting artwork on your blog and monetizing it with ads, or creating communities on Ning and offering lessons, or staring your own forum, or creating a website where a collective of artists contribute, or even a combination thereof.

Of course, more traditional means like galleries (*yawn*), or coffeehouse showcases (mmm… caffeine), or even studio tours (where you show your visitors around the garage) can be quite effective. As you seek to try out different strategies, just remember that you have to allow yourself some time to learn, to improve, and to refine. It’s just like art!!

Onward, canvas gazers!

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Sell Out

In order to be a sell-out, you first have to have something to sell out to.

Just get over it... What, you want more? I guess I can’t blame you for craving more of my magnificent insights.

I have found that most artists aren’t as assertive as they need to be. No one’s a born salesman, okay, maybe except for me. The overwhelming odds have it that the next person you talk to likes selling about as much as you do. The weird paradox at work here is that people buy stuff due to clever marketing all the time anyway. You see something on a commercial and BAM! Next thing you know you’re walking out of Wal-Mart with a Cuisinart. What? Just me?

You don’t have to be as business-minded as someone like Gene Simmons, but you have to give him props for the marketing machine that is KISS. And besides, there are probably a few ideas you could steal pick up from his arsenal of promo tactics.

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