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Artist Website

Artist websites are kind of a peculiar breed. It seems like the only place on the web where tacky flash intros, pixilated animated gifs and confusing navigation bars are accepted and commonplace is artist websites. Screw accessibility. We want to cause epileptic seizures. So - to get to the point - if you want to, you're allowed to be a bit quirky with your website (because you're an artist).

For the rest of us, you might consider using some of the following, sensible and logical items.

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Ready to sell some stuff? Good, because your roommates are only going to put up with all the canvases and merch boxes you have stored up around the place for so long. If you don't sell that stuff soon, they'll probably bring it to the local thrift store or try to sell it on eBay for 20 cents. Oh, that reminds me. You should definitely consider selling your wares to homeless people. I mean online. The internet offers some huge opportunities. Come to think of it, there might be something to the thrift store angle too.

So anyway, when it comes right down to it, your imagination is your only limitation. Apply the same creativity you use to create art towards marketing and you should do fine. Oh, wait. You're the kind of people that try to pour out your anger and frustration on canvases. You might have to base yourself in reality again before going out and applying "creativity" to your marketing.

Anyhoo, here are a dozen places you can sell your work.

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