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Bumper sticker

Darn tootin'.

If people can express their political beliefs with bumper stickers, then it only serves to reason that they could do the same thing with some clever custom button designs, yes?

One of the reasons you're not supposed to talk about politics with other people is because it could break out into a massive argument, but hey, as long as it's on your bumper, who cares right? It's like YouTube or Reddit comments. You guys think you're going to get away with it, but I assure you they're going to track you down.

Ahem. Anyway, when it comes right down to it, you could express whatever political stance you wanted. Buttons do make it a little more personal though; fair warning. Let's get on with this list.

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Political campaign buttons

People actually collect this stuff? Wow…

In case you hadn't noticed, most mainstream political campaign buttons are pretty similar in design. They feature names, headshots, the year of the campaign, the country's colors, maybe a slogan. The same old lies. I mean promises. These are all items you could use in your own designs, of course.

Perhaps what has changed is that designs have gotten cooler and sleeker. Can you believe that there was a time when designers were forced to create graphics without Photoshop? Can you believe that there was time when they didn't even have computers? How in the world did they ever get their work done?

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