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Jake Dugard design

This paint-splatter courtesy of Jake Dugard.

Man, there are a lot of digital designers out there. I had no idea. And you want me to handpick 10 sneaker and skinny jeans-wearing, graphic tee-loving Apple fanboys (and girls) for this list? Oh god.

So, before there are any hurt feelings (I sure hope there are), first realize that I was specifically looking for designers whose designs would work well with buttons. Those who were selected here were not chosen because of how cool they are or how popular they are (but they are cooler than you, for sure). Secondly, this list isn't presented in any particular order. Deal with it.

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Detailed design

Detailed designs and illustrations of this manner are going to be a big deal.

All you digital designers out there need to listen up. It's time to prepare for the New Year. Why? Because I said so.

Actually, just in case you hadn't noticed, there are only so many days left in this year. 2014 will be your best year ever if you follow this list to the nth degree. Well, maybe. Definitely maybe. We've compiled some of the now-happening trends, and guess what? They probably look a lot like this year's. Oh well, who cares?

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