Get them laughing and you'll get them to remember you.

There's a fine line between funny and weird, and sometimes there isn't a whole lot of distinction. If you go too far off the deep end and into Jaws land, people aren't terribly likely to buy what you're selling. Probably because they don't "get" your humor. People don't like being bitten by sharks either. That's painful.

We've already covered some of the weird swag out there, like the ill-conceived first-basing Jar Jar lollipop or the morbidly rock 'n roll KISS kasket. I guess death can be funny sometimes, but if you're going to go that direction, you'd better be smart about it. You can't just draw a person falling from a 100-storey building and go, "Hahaha! That's funny!" When I say it, it's pretty funny though. At least in my mind.

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