Weird looking guitarist

Band style is all about personal expression; unless you're this guy.

When it comes to injecting your big ego personality into all of your marketing and PR efforts, there's a lot to think about. There's your online presence, your onstage persona, your public and press image as well as your merchandise. And those are just some of the broader headings under which many subheadings exist.

Like your uncle Bob who's a bandana-and-leather-wearing biker or your teenage cousin Alvira who's adopted the dark-and-gloomy goth look (much to her father's dismay), there seems to be a particular culture and philosophy around personal and corporate image. That's what you want to figure out as a band. With that in mind, it's always apparent when it's faked. Posers are later revealed for who they really are (*cough* Vanilla Ice). You don't want to be a poser. The penalty of falsifying your image is reality TV. That's what those shows are really about; community service.

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