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Amazing artwork

Now that's one way to get people's attention.

You might remember that we talked about setting up your website last week. No? God, do you ever read anything I write? Seriously, you should get on that.

So like, one of the major components of your website is your store, and as far as getting that set up goes, there is a butt-load of options to choose from. You could browse through and pick one the various eCommerce solutions (i.e. Google it). You could sell your wares on Etsy or DeviantArt. You could set up a Café Press store or use a Facebook app or even Gumroad, which will only charge you a small fee per sales transaction. You could just use PayPal buttons on your site and ship products yourself. From free to expensive, you can choose from your Ford Pinto Wagon to your Ferrari of online stores.

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Urs Fischer teddy lamp

Brilliant work by Urs Fischer: now that's how you get people's attention.

In a broader sense, artists fall under a variety of different categories: painters, musicians, photographers, sculptors, poets, architects, dancers, and of course my favorite, stucco-goatists. What, Mr. Editor? That last one isn't a thing? Shoot, I thought I might get away with it this time.

Of these, musicians seem to be the ones with the most swag to sell. Perhaps fine artists are just too good for merch, but maybe the opposite is true; maybe they're just scared of selling out. Whatever the case, we've tried to include a few artists on this list that aren't musicians so that you might be inspired to venture out. However, most of the list is made up of bands and musicians (greedy bastards).

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