Vintage Merchandise

Can you dig it, man?

Some things never go away, despite their adverse effect on humanity. Mullets. Fanny packs. Parachute pants. Furry boots. What’s really melting all the ice caps? The previously mentioned items (plus Paris Hilton, obviously). Population earth continues to make many blunders and missteps in the fashion world, leaving a giant stain on society’s enormous butt.

Conversely, some styles are just as cool now as they were back then. When is back then? That’s a little harder to define. It seems that people’s interests have only diversified in the last 10 to 20 years. Some people would define the 80s as vintage, even though many of us still remember it like yesterday (am I showing a bit of age?). Even today, it’s not impossible to find pockets of rockabilly and pinup culture, dreadlocked hippies, and long-haired leather-wearing hair metal rockers with perms. This could be going on in your own backyard. Sounds like a scary party to me.

Movies like The Wedding Singer, Austin Powers, Starsky & Hutch or TV shows like That ‘70s Show continues to bring back classic and vintage style to the eyes of the modern viewer. You might remember Napoleon Dynamite from 10 years back, with his suave brown, tweed suit. Yep, that would be an example of timeless vintage fashion. Hardcore!

This doesn’t mean that everything you see on the silver screen or the small screen is cool. Oh god no. I’m sure you could still catch Richard Simmons workouts or Twisted Sister music videos if you really wanted to. Do a quick Google search on both and see what you find.

Ugh. Right?

So let’s not be too quick to squeeze into our bell bottoms and go disco dancing. There is definitely good and bad vintage wear. Here’s how to take some cues from vintage design and incorporate it into your own swag. 

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